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It is said that some of the most pivotal years of an individual’s life are the first few years after they graduate high school. That is why we have taken the time to create a program that is specifically designed to help young people navigate their early-adult years. 

The Chicago Master’s Commission is a college of higher learning, offering 8 different AA and BA degree options through West Coast Bible College and Seminary. So yes, we do stress the importance of academics. However, we take our time to focus much more on the character development of each individual student. We do this because we believe that a solid foundation in your character will set you up for success much more than an academic degree ever could.

We believe that you are more than a degree and more than a vocation. That is why we want to offer you something that is more than a college.

The first year of our program is focused on developing you as a person, teaching you valuable life-skills, and most importantly on creating moments for you to intentionally pursue Jesus Christ. Though academics are a significant focus, with each first year student having the opportunity to receive their associate’s degree after only nine months, we make sure that what you are learning is not solely through classroom-based lectures. We have intentionally designed each aspect of the first year to grow and develop our students internally, setting them up for a lifetime of success.

The students that are accepted to return for a second year will be immersed in opportunities and teachings to grow them specifically as a leader. Students that complete a second year at the Chicago Master’s Commission will graduate with their bachelor’s degree from West Coast Bible College and Seminary. They will also graduate being equipped with skills that will cause them to excel as leaders in their future schooling, careers, and families. The second year students also will have the opportunity to become certified ministers through the Assemblies of God.

After completing a second year with the Chicago Master’s Commission, students will have the opportunity to apply for the intern year of the program. The intern year is designed specifically for individuals who feel called to full time ministry. The purpose of the intern year is to provide the student with their first “ministry position.” The intern students are considered Chicago Master’s Commission and New Life Covenant Church staff members, and are specifically placed in ministry work environments. The goal is to help each student understand the behind-the-scenes responsibilities associated with working in full time ministry and to gain real work experience to set them up for their future. Intern students do not pay a tuition to the program. Rather, they are offered free housing in Chicago and are paid a monthly stipend for their work with the program. Each intern student will also have the opportunity to become a licensed minister through the Assemblies of God. 

We understand that it is not everyone’s desire to go into full-time ministry. That is why we have created our program in a way that allows students to graduate after each one of our three years. We don’t require our students to stay for all three years, because we realize that each individual student needs something different to prepare them for their future. 

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The Chicago Master’s Commission now offers an academic option for students who wish to start earning credits while they are in the program. Our home church, New Life Covenant, has become an extension site of Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. Students who select Southeastern University as their academic option will have the option to choose from 5 different associate and bachelor degree programs from a fully accredited university. Additionally, the site fee that is charged for individuals who enroll in SEU through New Life Covenant Church is completely waived for CMC students, making this an even more affordable degree option.

For more information about New Life Covenant’s Partnership with Southeastern University, please click the button below!

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West Coast Bible College and Seminary



West Coast Bible College

The first and second year students of the Chicago Master’s Commission are enrolled in West Coast Bible College and Seminary out of Waco, Texas. With our accelerated program, the students can earn an associate degree in one year and a bachelor degree in two years. The students will be able to choose from the degree options listed below.

Associate Degree Options

General Ministries 

Bachelor Degree Options

Biblical Counseling

Biblical Counseling (Eating Disorder Specialization)

Church Business and Administration

General Ministries


Worship Arts

Youth Ministries

A credentialed West Coast Bible College and Seminary professor teaches each class that the students take via an online lecture. The students will complete all assignments on their own and submit each assignment online. Though a personal computer is not required to be a student at CMC, it is highly recommended specifically for the academic side of the program. If you are not able to bring a computer to the program, we will work with you to make sure that your homework is still being submitted on time. 

To learn more about West Coast Bible College and Seminary, visit their website by clicking here.

* Please note: WCBCS is still in the accreditation process in the United States. Until this process is finished, WCBCS credits will only transfer to select colleges on a case by case basis. 



The Chicago Master’s Commission has partnered with Google for Education for the ultimate learning experience. Every student of the Chicago Master’s Commission will have access to a Google account with an @chicagomc.org email address. This account will give them access to unlimited storage space with Google Drive, the ability to create and edit documents online, the ability to sync these documents across multiple devices, and access to many more tools that can be used for their education as well as for their personal needs. This feature is completely free and will greatly enhance each student’s experience in the Chicago Master’s Commission.

Academics Content


Scripture Memorization and Study

Though we believe that earning an academic degree is very important, we also believe that studying the Bible is crucial to the development of a well-rounded individual. Each week, the students will choose a passage of scripture that they desire to study and learn more about. The students will then do an in-depth study on the history of the passage so that they can fully grasp what the passage is trying to say. The assignment will also include questions that cause them to think about how they can apply the lesson from the passage to their daily life. Each student will also be challenged to memorize a portion of the passage and recite or write it down from memory on the test day. Through taking time to study and memorize the scripture, we believe that students will have opportunities for personal growth and reflection specifically inspired by God’s Word, and that they will develop a practice of studying that will continue into their adult years.

Life Lessons, Leadership, Enrichment

At The Chicago Master’s Commission, we also offer a variety of classes that are taught by in-house pastors and CMC staff members. The first years in the program attend weekly Life Lessons classes. These classes teach very practical and spiritual lessons that we find essential for the development of young people so that they can live lives of excellence. Our second and third years attend Leadership classes that are specifically geared toward teaching them the practical and spiritual aspects of being a successful leader. Every student also gets to attend our Enrichment classes. These classes, taught by pastors and leaders of New Life Covenant Church, are classes that are formed out of specific topics that today’s young people are faced with and how the Bible instructs us to deal with them. The combination of the Life Lessons, Leadership, and Enrichment classes gives each student teachings that prepare them to be successful practically and spiritually as they develop.

Expand the class titles below to view a few topics that are covered in each class

Life Lessons

Spiritual Disciplines

Appropriate Confrontation


Relational Integrity

Financial Excellence


Servant Leadership

Managing Conflict

John Maxwell’s Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Health in Leadership


How to Prepare a Sermon

Public Speaking

Biblical Character Study

Biblical Topical Study

Building a Resume


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Each student will also participate in our Development Tracks. Twice a week, the students will get to choose to take classes in Worship, Creative Arts, Media Arts, Children’s Ministry, Personal Health, Administration, and Communication. These classes are taught by in-house pastors, staff members, and CMC Interns and provide the students with “hands on” education that they will be challenged to practice during the week as they serve in the ministries of CMC and New Life Covenant Church. 

Our Faces


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Anders Hagstrom

Anders Hagstrom


Yesenia De Jesús Hagstrom

Yesenia De Jesús Hagstrom

Assistant Director


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Our Church


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The Chicago Master’s Commission is based out of New Life Covenant Church under Pastor Wilfredo “Choco” De Jesus. New Life Covenant has over 17,000 weekly attendees, making it the largest Assemblies of God Church in the US. CMC students are consistently involved in Sunday services, homeless shelters, inner city outreaches, and youth ministry. With over 120 other ministries in the church, the students have abundant opportunities to be stretched and challenged in new ways. 

To read more about our church and our pastor, please go to www.mynewlife.org or click here.


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To pay tuition, or donate to the Chicago Master’s Commission, please click the button below.

Pay Tuition

We know that raising money for tuition can be difficult. That is why we offer fundraising opportunities throughout the school year. If a student agrees to participate in these opportunities, they will receive a $1,000 discount from their tuition. We want your experience in the Chicago Master’s Commission to be financially possible, and we hope that these working opportunities will benefit each student greatly.

We offer 12 month, 9 month, 5 time, and custom payment plans. Each student will select a payment plan and will set it up with the Chicago Master’s Commission office upon acceptance.

The tuition amounts listed above reflect the cost of the first two years of the program. If a student is hired on as an intern (3rd year) with New Life Covenant Church or with the Chicago Master’s Commission, their tuition will differ greatly.  They will also receive free housing as well as a monthly stipend.


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We also require each student to attend a missions trip during their enrollment in the program. The Chicago Master’s Commission offers a variety of missions trips that range from $500-$1500. Each student can select which trip they wish to attend, and the Chicago Master’s Commission staff will coach the students on how to raise funds for these trips.


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