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General Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Apply?

There is no Application Fee for the Chicago Master's Commission.

When Will I Know If I Have Been Accepted?

Typically, students receive an answer between 1-2 weeks after their interview.

Do I Need To Be A Christian To Get Into This School?

Yes, we are a faith-based program and our teachings and classes are based on the Bible.

Academic Questions

Are You An Accredited College?

Although we are partnered with some accredited colleges and universities that our students do their academics through online, the Chicago Master's Commission is not an accredited institution.

Can I Change My Online Schooling During The Year?

Typically we encourage students to stick with the path they have chosen, but we understand that there are cases in which changing their online option would benefit the student. We are flexible and work with each of our students to set them up for academic success.

What If I Don't Want To Do An Online School?

We offer a Gap Year experience to those looking for put a pause on their secondary schooling journey.

Finance Questions

What If I Am Not Able To Pay Tuition In-Full On Orientation Day

Not to worry! We are very flexible when it comes to tuition payments. We will take the time to understand each of our students' financial situations and set-up a payment plan that works best for them.

How Do I Pay Tuition?

There are many ways our students can pay tuition. We accept Cash, Check, Quick-Pay, and Online Payments.

Can I Work While I Am In The Program?

We recommend not working due to the limited availability you would be able to offer to employers.

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