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It is said that some of the most pivotal years of an individual’s life are the first few years after they graduate high school. That is why we have taken the time to create a program that is specifically designed to help young people navigate their early-adult years.

The Chicago Master’s Commission is a college of higher learning, offering multiple degrees through two different colleges. However, we take our time to focus much more on the character development of each individual student. We do this because we believe that a solid foundation in your character will set you up for success much more than an academic degree ever could.

We believe that you are more than a degree and more than a vocation. That is why we want to offer you something that is more than a college.

We understand that the development needs of each student are unique, and that each student has different desires for their future. That is why the Chicago Master's Commission is set up in a way that allows students to finish after any one of our available three years. Some students simply desire the gap year experience, and are only enrolled for the first year. Others may choose to stay in our program longer for more intentional leadership and ministry training. This flexibility ensures that each student can have the custom experience they most need to set them up for a successful future.

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Academic Options

We understand that our students come from a variety of backgrounds, and that they have a variety of goals for their future. That is why the Chicago Master's Commission offers multiple options for academic development. Whether you feel driven to pursue your degree or you are looking for a break from the traditional classroom setting, our diverse academic options will ensure that you continue to grow in the way that is best for you.

*Please note the WCBCS is still in the process of receiving full accreditation in the United States.



The Chicago Master’s Commission has partnered with Google for Education for the ultimate learning experience. Every student of the Chicago Master’s Commission will have access to a Google account with an @chicagomc.org email address. This account will give them access to unlimited storage space with Google Drive, the ability to create and edit documents online, the ability to sync these documents across multiple devices, and access to many more tools that can be used for their education as well as for their personal needs. This feature is completely free and will greatly enhance each student’s experience in the Chicago Master’s Commission.


Have you ever wanted to learn a skill in an environment that goes beyond the typical classroom setting? Meet our EXP tracks. Each year you are enrolled in the Chicago Master's Commission, you will have the opportunity to choose three EXP tracks to participate in during the year. The goal of these tracks is to equip the students with hands-on experience that will build a valuable skillset that can be applied in future ministry or career settings. As the students are equipped with these specific skills, they will be challenged to continue developing them in live ministry settings.

Our Faces


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Anders and Yesenia Hagstrom

In 2010, Anders and Yesenia left their home cities of Denver and Chicago to become students at Master's Commission Atlanta (now Atlanta Leadership College). After studying there under Jeanne Mayo and her team for three years, they moved to Chicago to continue pursuing discipleship. In 2014, Anders became the Director of the Chicago Master's Commission. After getting married one year later, Yesenia joined the CMC team as a full-time staff member. Anders and Yesenia are passionate about challenging young adults to discover the life of excellence that Jesus Christ has called them to by encouraging them to embrace standards and disciplines that will set them up for a successful future.

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Our Church


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The Chicago Master’s Commission is based out of New Life Covenant Church under Pastor Wilfredo “Choco” De Jesus. New Life Covenant has over 17,000 weekly attendees, making it the largest Assemblies of God Church in the US. CMC students are consistently involved in Sunday services, homeless shelters, inner city outreaches, and youth ministry. With over 120 other ministries in the church, the students have abundant opportunities to be stretched and challenged in new ways. 

To read more about our church and our pastor, please go to www.mynewlife.org or click here.


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View the columns below to see the tuition breakdown per year at the Chicago Master's Commission.

Numbers seem a little low? That's because to us, you are more than a tuition.

*Tuition costs listed above reflect the current posted rates and are subject to change 

We know that raising money for tuition can be difficult. That is why we give each student the opportunity to participate in our fundraising program. If a student chooses to take advantage of this opportunity, they will receive a $1,000 discount from their tuition. This is just another way that the Chicago Master's Commission is helping make life-change possible for our students

The tuition amounts listed above reflect the current cost of the first two years of the program. The tuition system changes if a student is hired as an intern (3rd year) of New Life Covenant Church or the Chicago Master's Commission.

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We also require each student to attend a missions trip during their enrollment in the program. The Chicago Master’s Commission offers a variety of missions trips that range from $500-$1500. Each student can select which trip they wish to attend, and the Chicago Master’s Commission staff will coach the students on how to raise funds for these trips.


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