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More than a college

Who We Are

The Chicago Master's Commission is a one to three-year program that places an emphasis on spiritual growth, discipleship, and personal development. We strive to create an environment that allows our students to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, while learning practical life skills that will help them succeed in their future pursuits. Chicago Master's Commission is committed to equipping our students to become well-rounded individuals ready to reach the world for Jesus.

We believe that you are more than a student, more than a degree, and more than a career. That is why we want to offer you something that is MORE than a college.

What We Offer

Year-By-Year Breakdown

We understand that the development needs of each student are unique, and that each student has different desires for their future. That is why the Chicago Master's Commission is set up in a way that allows students to finish after any one of our available three years. Some students simply desire the gap year experience, and are only enrolled for the first year. Others may choose to stay in our program longer for more intentional leadership and ministry training. This flexibility ensures that each student can have the custom experience they most need to set them up for a successful future.

1st Year

- Gap year experience-

Discover the best version of you in an environment that challenges you to be MORE than a student.

  • Intentional Discipleship
  • Hands-On Experience
  • Character Development
  • Build a Christ-Centered Foundation

2nd Year

- Leadership intensive -

Develop your influence and integrity with classes and experiences that teach you how to be MORE than a leader.

  • Leadership Training Classes
  • Specific Leadership Roles in CMC
  • Speaking and Teaching Development
  • Discipleship Training

3rd Year

- Ministry Internship -

Experience your first full-time ministry position with New Life Covenant Church and learn how to be MORE than an employee.

  • Real Ministry Employment Experience
  • Specific Ministry Focus
  • Ministerial Development
  • Assemblies of God Credentialing


Our staff members are committed to the growth and discipleship of each student who comes through the doors of the Chicago Master's Commission.

Sam & Chiqui Torres

Sam & Chiqui Torres

Program Directors

Pastors Sam and Chiqui are our Program Directors. Our team is honored to have their wisdom and leadership guiding the program.

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“It was in this program that I learned self-discipline, servanthood, resilience, and leadership. Committing 9 months of my life was definitely a sacrifice, but if I were able to go back in time, I would give my life all over again.” 

Gabrielle gomez, Class of 2009

“This program helped me set the foundation with God and with others that I need to navigate this journey of life. Every ounce of success I have and will have in life, I owe it all to here. This program truly cares.” 

justin Bengco, Class of 2018

“I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to really own their relationship with God and allow Him to shape their character. It changed my life, and I believe it can do the same for anyone who lets it.” 

yexinia hernandez, class of 2017

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