Character Development

Our students are taught ways to grow and reflect their relationship with Christ and their relationship with others using a curriculum focusing specifically on Character, Leadership, and Life Lessons.


The Chicago Master's Commission, we also offer a variety of classes that are taught by in-house pastors and the Chicago Master's Commission staff members. Our students in the program attend weekly Life Lessons classes. These classes teach very practical and spiritual lessons that we find essential for the development of young people so that they can live lives of excellence. They attend Leadership classes that are specifically geared toward teaching them the practical and spiritual aspects of being a successful leader. Every student also gets to attend our Enrichment classes. These classes, taught by pastors and leaders of New Life Covenant Church, are classes that are formed out of specific topics that today’s young people are faced with and how the Bible instructs us to deal with them. The combination of the Life Lessons, Leadership, and Enrichment classes gives each student teachings that prepare them to be successful practically and spiritually as they develop.


How to Prepare a Sermon

Public Speaking

Biblical Character Study

Biblical Topical Study

Building a Resume

Life Lessons:

Spiritual Disciplines

Appropriate Confrontation


Relational Integrity

Financial Excellence


Servant Leadership

Managing Conflict

John Maxwell’s Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Health in Leadership

More Program Highlights